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Cheating, Lying, Stealing by Scottish Ballet April 23, 2009

Posted by goldblatt in Academy of Ballet.

37I was blown away by this new piece by Ashley Page of Scottish Ballet. Not having read the programme notes, here is what I assume it is about: a weekend trip to the scottish countryside by two young couples devolves into a treacherous visit to society’s seedy underbelly, with adultery being the main sin, here made to look devilish yet passionate and rebellious. the whole thing is like some kind of sexy modern noir thriller where you’re riveted to your seat to find out what happens next. costumes are indeed skimpy and worn by attractive dancers (well, duh), but its more than that: a couch bursts into flames, strobe lights pulse, and the music pulses with loud rock bass drum kicks and electric guitar riffs cutting in like jagged knives.

the set shows a misty mysterious countryside seen on a lost highway over the dashboard of a car. a giant red square signals the passion and excitement conveyed in the dancing. and the dancing is incredible. Ashley Page has set the lovers spinning around the stage in jazzy, syncopated, innovative riffs on the modern ballet canon. The men lift the women with gusto in difficult, twisted positions, allowing the women to spin and fly around the stage with fierce passion.

the music, by Icebreaker, is modernist, minimalist, math rock bliss. philip glass meets sigur ros. they deconstruct tempo in divinely perverse ways.

a show so good that i felt compelled to post it to the blog after a long hiatus! I would highly recommend this show! it comes with another ballet based on carmen that i heard was superbly average, but the ticket price is worth it for this show.

BUY TICKETS HERE I believe there is a student discount for last minute tix or something



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